The Benefits of a Career As a Fire Watch Guard

Fire Watch Guards

Are you looking for a career as a Fire Watch Guard? There are several options to consider, and we’ll cover the most common ones here. While most people may be unaware of their existence, fire watch guards are required by law in many places. FDNY-certified fire guards work in construction sites, high-rise buildings, and residential complexes, among other locations. Here are just a few reasons why you should hire one.

Ensure Proper Documents

Ensure proper documentation of fire hazards and possible causes. Fire Watch Guards maintain logs of every fire-related occurrence they observe. These logs are required by authorities and insurance carriers. In addition to assisting with fire prevention planning, many guards also conduct routine patrols to ensure that fire safety is being properly implemented. Fire Watch Guards may even be required to monitor construction sites during construction, especially in areas that don’t have a water supply.

A fire watch guard is an essential safety precaution in many places. Not only does a fire watch guard monitor the fire safety system, but they also test fire extinguishers, alarm systems, and other equipment for a proper response. A fire watch guard also calls the fire department and relays information about the scope of the fire. Fire watch guards typically carry a portable horn to notify the fire department of their presence, a flashlight for proper visual orientation, and a set of access keys for building entry. These guards may also act as a visual deterrent for potential vandals.

A fire watch guard is an essential security precaution for businesses and other buildings. Fire watch guards are trained professionals who can identify the risk of fire, assess fire safety equipment, and notify the fire department when it is necessary. They also work in shifts to cover the 24-hour needs of a property. A fire watch guard will monitor the property, check fire alarms, and help evacuate people safely. So, what are the main benefits of hiring a fire watch guard?

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