The Basics of Heating and HVAC Systems

The Basics of Heating and HVAC Systems

Heating and cooling systems can be complex, heating involving complex controls and design. A contractor can design a basic system or customize a larger HVAC system to meet the needs of a specific building. Specialty mechanical suppliers and contractors design, fabricate, and install HVAC systems. These systems are typically inspected by code compliance officials and require a building permit. In addition, they should have experience in the type of HVAC equipment used in a particular building.

HVAC systems are often integrated with ventilation systems, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and air purifiers. The main control component is a thermostat, which triggers the various HVAC components when the set temperature is reached. Some thermostats even have smart capabilities to alert the homeowner if the system is running over time or not functioning properly. The thermostat can also share diagnostics with a contractor to ensure a smooth operation.

A typical HVAC system will contain a furnace or air conditioner. The furnace will heat air that is pushed through ductwork and into rooms. The HVAC system may have multiple components, including a heat exchanger, which absorbs warm air and warms colder air. The furnace, which uses heat exchanger technology, will be activated by a thermostat to produce warm air. A heat exchanger should be made from durable materials like stainless steel and strong alloys. Otherwise, it can be damaged by changes in temperature.

Packaged HVAC systems can be an excellent choice if the space in which the heating and cooling system will be installed is small. Packaged systems are designed with the most efficient components of a split system, while the ductwork is outside the building. Packaged systems are usually quieter and cheaper to install. These systems are also ideal for homes that don’t have any indoor heating space. HVAC systems are important in keeping indoor temperatures comfortable in homes.

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