Schmidt & Bender 10×42 – A Book Review

schmidt  bender 10x42

When it comes to creativity, history has shown that a major creative force in shaping mankind’s culture came from Schmidt & Bender 10×42. After they began selling their first homemade radio on NYC radio station WKCR, people were taken by the unusual sounding instrument and soon, they knew they had to have it. The next thing they did was to develop the product further for use in radio stations all over the world. After they developed the product further, they were able to create CDs, which were popular in Europe. The CD’s that were produced were so successful that they paved the way for the worldwide popularity of the Schmidberger & Bender product.


In this book, you will get a rare look into the creative process behind the company, showing you the brainstorming and writing sessions, and how each member contributes to the creative process of the company. If you are someone who wants to get ahead in the business world and be known for your creativity, this is a must read book. There are so many different ways to utilize creativity, and this book shares the experiences of executives at one of the most innovative companies in the world.


Another great thing about this book is that it gives you the background of the company from before they got started to what they are today. Reading this book will give you a lot of insight into how to be creative and how to succeed in a creative business. Although the story is long, it is filled with humor and entertainment, which make the book an enjoyable read. Everyone should read this book.

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