What Does Proof Mean in Coins?

So, what does proof mean in coins? If you have ever set foot into a coin shop and tried to purchase a coin and inquire about it, then you have probably been told “proof” on the end of your question. What are this proof and how do you know if the coin you are buying is a real coin or simply a replica of a coin?

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Proof is not something that can be seen with the naked eye, but is rather a process by which an expert other than the seller attests to the coin’s existence. In order for a coin to become a proof, it must be evaluated by an expert other than the person who is selling it. In coin shops, experts will charge a fee for their services. These professionals (called tresses) have studied for years what does proof really mean in the coin world. They will examine your coin, under a microscope and will spot things like damage, wear and tear, and even flaws.

When you go to purchase a coin at your local coin shop, ask what does proof mean in coins first before you ask any questions about the coin. If you are not told this, do not buy it, and try another coin shop. There is no reason why a coin that has been offered as proof should not be 100% real. However, if you do get a coin that is fake proof, do yourself a favor and let the staff know about it so they can return it to the seller.

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