Boilerplate Press Release Sample

If you’re going to write a press release about a product you’ve just developed, you’ll need to find good Boilerplate samples. And I know what you’re thinking–you don’t have any money, so you can’t possibly buy a dozen or more of these so you can prepare a whole lot of press releases. Not so! There are some amazing resources out there that let you select a free sample of Boilerplate and then prepare a copy of it for submitting to news & business journals & magazines. You can even get personal use of the sample material, if you want.

How to Write an Amazing Company Boilerplate

You can try to write a press release yourself, but writing a properly formatted, search engine optimized press release isn’t something you can usually do by yourself. It takes a little bit of training to learn how to use a template, but once you do, it’s a breeze to create a decent press release. And best of all, you can spend as little as $5.00 (less than the price of a single cup of coffee) to obtain enough samples to get you going.

So if you find yourself with an idea for a new product or service, you should definitely contact a freelance writer. They can offer you lots of samples at very reasonable prices. And you’ll be able to make your own copy for only a few dollars. And you’ll be able to submit your press release to dozens of different publications & media outlets.

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